Digitalization (often referred as Digitization) is one of the technology megatrends that is reshaping Industrial Asset Management and Plant Maintenance. It is blurring the line between Operations & Maintenance and creating new opportunities to harness the potential of data for strategic benefits.

Digitalization of Plant Maintenance can deliver Eight Strategic Benefits.

1.  Innovation:

Smart Shop floors with intelligent machines are providing a lot more information about the product, production process, efficiency, asset utilization and environment. Newer technologies are emerging, and they can interconnect with each other, opening up newer levels of innovation. Production is getting tightly integrated with Supply Chain and Customer Demands to become a dynamic, flexible and adaptable value chain.

2.  Operational Efficiency:

Connected Systems provide more insights on not just the equipment but on its operating conditions and about the larger production system, of which it is a part. It also helps us to improve uptime, equipment efficiency and people productivity.

3.  Reliability:

Reliability plays a major role in asset management. Digitalization technologies help us understand the performance of the asset, conditions leading to deterioration and predict potential failures. And this coupled with breakdown history and failure modes can improve overall preventive maintenance effectiveness, thereby avoiding unplanned downtime.

4.  Asset Insights:

Large volume of data is collected on the Shop Floor today and newer tools help us navigate this enormous data set effectively. These tools process the information to provide inferences and insights. Multiple levels of asset intelligence and maintenance metrics are provided today based on the user role, type of asset, failures, performance, financial and predictive analytics.


5.  Openness & Transparency:

Technology has enabled information access easy and on demand. Historic information of the assets, past failures, technical specifications, documentation, root cause analysis, knowledge base are all available for the front line workers right from the point of work. Besides many latent information like residual spare part life and condition monitoring information contributing to failure are accessible now. For the Top Management, there is seamless access to shop floor information in the formats that they need. Openness and transparency of information has improved informed decision-making and agility in response.

6.  Standardization & Institutionalization:

Digitalization of the process assets has helped in their simplification and standardization. Now it is easy to run one set of  Preventive Maintenance Schedules and Job plans are run for all the similar assets. And any updates and revisions can be propagated easily. Similarly, failure phenomena can be defined enterprise wide and as a standard to compare peer class assets. Maintenance Metrics, SLAs and KPIs are standard and consistent. Digitalization has streamlined the process and has made process adherence easy and efficient for the front line staff.

7.  Cost Savings:

Digitalization improves asset availability and uptime. It improves people productivity and enables smart workforce. It helps in energy optimization and wastes identification in the production and process. Digitalization also increases spares turn over and inventory optimization. It increases equipment and people safety. Furthermore, it extends asset life and utilization. Digitalization has the potential to save 25-30% costs, as against the traditional improvements delivering 3-5% cost reductions.

8.  Compliance with Regulations and Industry Standards:

Manufacturing plants often deal with hazardous materials and environments. Many assets like Boilers and high voltage equipment needs safety checks and monitoring. Green regulations enforce stringent emission control and effluent treatment norms. Digitalization helps in monitoring equipment, production, performance, emissions and effluent and other safety aspects to institute proactive safety and sustainability measures. It also helps in adherence to standards and best practices recommended by ISO and other Standard bodies, industry groups and self-regulating organizations.

EAM and CMMS systems streamline core Asset Management and Maintenance functions of manufacturing plants. Digitalization has transformed the technology stack of the EAM / CMMS to make it more robust, intelligent, efficient yet simple. Modern CMMS provides all the tool sets to manage the entire life cycle of an industrial asset including complete maintenance processes. CMMS acts as the window-to-the-shop-floor and connects day to day operations to asset management strategy effectively.

MaintWiz industry 4.0 CMMS can help harness the power of digitalization in Industrial Asset Management and Plant Maintenance. Specific areas

  1. Building the Digital Foundation that includes the Asset Register, Spares Inventory, Utilities & Fleet, Process Assets and Knowledge base
  2. Connecting the Systems: Integrating the Operational Technology (Internet of Things / PLC / SCADA / DCS / MES) with Enterprise Technology (SAP / DWH) to provide a Unified view of all Industrial Assets
  3. Actionable Analytics: Comprehensive Asset Intelligence, Maintenance metrics, Budget and other financial metrics, Service Level and KPI Frameworks etc., delivered via Dashboards and Interactive charts. Dashboards support personalization and dynamic filters to support user personas and business objectives.
  4. Enabling Smart Workforce by providing access to information on the go. Intelligent systems enable Condition Monitoring and Remote Monitoring, facilitates collaboration, provides on-demand access to information and equipment history, insights on performance and comparison with peer class assets. Smart Workforce not only improves productivity and cost savings but also unearths value-creation opportunities.
  5. MaintWiz streamlines the process to improve efficiency and provides ready access to many industry best practices in Plant Maintenance (Root cause analysis & CAPA, PM effectiveness, Risk Based Inspection, Condition based Inspection, Planning Work bench, Horizontal Deployment, OEE, Spares Life cycle, Return on Investment)

MaintWiz CMMS is offered on a subscription basis and does not involve any capital investments. It can be readily accessed over existing browser and mobile devices. MaintWiz is very easy-to-implement, easy-to-learn and easy-to use. Contact us for an Online Demo to showcase how MaintWiz can benefit you.