Actionable Analytics

Principal objective of asset care  is to improve  performance, utilization and life of the assets and support the strategic business goal of maximizing return on investment.  Maintenance professionals can leverage analytics to track asset performance and equipment health to run the plant  smoother and more efficiently.    

Application of Industry 4.0 technologies can help you access all of your equipment information at a single place, and using the information to generate business intelligence that can support your maintenance goals.  Actionable analytics can help asset management by connecting performance to data. Inferences and insights derived by comparing goals and actuals, budget and variances, past and present performance etc. can trigger suitable remedial measures to enable effective asset care management.

Internet of things and connected systems have fostered exponential growth of data, often scaling beyond human processing.  MaintWiz solves this problem via intelligent navigation of the data, combining relevant data together for the user to process them concurrently and support with  multiple levels of intelligence. 

MaintWiz industry 4.0 CMMS combines the equipment data from various sources (including Operational Technology like PLC, SCADA, MES, IoT etc.)  to provide a 360-degree view of your equipment.    Asset intelligence provided include

  • Availability & Performance Metrics
  • Breakdown incidents & Downtime Analysis
  • Preventive Maintenance schedules, compliance, completion status and overdue tasks
  • Statutory Instruments Calibration, Inspection and Compliance metrics
  • Financial metrics relating to budget vs actuals, cost of maintenance, cost of operations, life time maintenance costs etc
  • Turn Around, Shut down and CapEx Project Metrics etc.

MaintWiz provides the information that you need in order to make informed decisions about how best to maintain your assets. MaintWiz helps your maintenance plan to be aligned with the business goals and provide superior performance.   

MaintWiz provides customizable dashboards for users, based on their roles and goals, with filters to roll up multiple facilities or entities on to a consolidated one or drill down deeper for a specific facility. 

MaintWiz Asset intelligence helps you reduce risk, improve performance, lower costs and downtime, by identifying equipment problems before they happen.   MaintWiz provides a variety of readymade reports that can meet the needs of the different stakeholders. Frequently used reports can be automated. Monthly Management reports featuring consolidated information that are aggregated from multiple sources and adhering to a common format can be easily built.

Business Goals based Intelligence

MaintWiz is a new asset intelligence platform that helps maintenance managers make better decisions about their assets.

Dashboards track key performance indicators against targets and facilitate mid course corrections, if any required.  Dashboard tiles can feature a variety of KPIs –  Budget and Variances, Goals Vs Actuals, Year to date and Month to date performance, recent Breakdown information,  Preventive Maintenance Calendar, PM Compliance and overdue tasks, Cost of Maintenance etc.

Persona Based Intelligence

Persona Based intelligence designing asset analytics and maintenance insights based on the stakeholder role.   It declutters and provides a sharp focus on outcomes to achieve the goals effectively and more efficiently.

Personas in Asset Management space include but not limited to operators, technicians, supervisors, management team and other functional teams.   MaintWiz provides rich intelligence to each of these stakeholders from breakdown history, shift handover reports, equipment health card, operational dashboards, KPI dashboards, Financial metrics etc.

Management – Dashboards,  Cost of Maintenance, Budge vs Actuals, Scorecards

Supervisor – Shift Hand over reports, Calibration compliance to date,  PM Compliance, PM Effectiveness

Technician – Alerts and notifications, Past history

Equipment based Intelligence

MaintWiz provides superior intelligence about the assets by comparing

  • individual asset performance against standards / OEM specs
  • the current performance of the equipment against its own historic performance (trends / deterioration) and
  • Comparing the equipment performance against peer class assets

Predictive Intelligence

Predictive intelligence examines equipment performance and conditions over time and using statistical techniques predicts the likelihood of failure.  It requires a strong data foundation that can be analyzed for patterns using advanced statistical techniques and based on that forecasting models can be constructed for prediction. 

MaintWiz platform boasts a robust data model complemented by an advanced computational engine which can be used to build the custom quantitative models as per requirements. 

Contextual Intelligence

Contextual intelligence provides the ability to leverage previous experiences and compare them against current equipment performance. With this information, it is possible to identify pre-emptive failures or trends before they become a bigger problem.

Intelligent platforms extract relevant data from our data lake for comparison purposes and then apply additional knowledge for insight into conditions such as past history, peer class behaviour, or operating environment factors that could affect the equipment’s ability to perform.

MaintWiz  contextual intelligence provisioning includes

  • Past failures and repeat Failure history during breakdowns
  • Access to RCA and CAPA activities of peer class assets
  • Critical parameter values to identify contributing factors
  • Breakdowns since last PM
  • Incomplete PM tasks to provide traceability to breakdowns and strengthening PM Effectiveness

With industry 4.0, high velocity changes are transforming the shop floor.  Maintenance organizations have a significant need to embrace the change and be more adaptable to data driven decisions. Asset intelligence is constantly evolving as more technologies and data sources proliferate and MaintWiz continuously applies the business and domain knowledge to innovate better techniques and visualizations to improve Asset Management and Plant Maintenance outcomes.