Best Practices: Improving Preventive Maintenance Effectiveness

What is Preventive Maintenance Effectiveness?

Effectiveness is the capability of producing a desired result or the ability to produce desired output.  Thus, for Preventive Maintenance to be effective it has to meet the intended business outcome of preventing breakdowns.   Preventive Maintenance Effectiveness is an indicator on the degree of success or its likelihood in achieving desired result.

Why is PM Compliance necessary but not sufficient?

Preventive maintenance compliance gives an indication of the rate of preventive maintenance completion.  However, it lacks additional metrics to make it a comprehensive measure.  PM Compliance does not measure if the PM activities have been completed within their defined timeframe, criticality of equipment, incomplete / overdue tasks, variance, sufficiency of PM schedules and tasks to prevent breakdown etc.  

PM Compliance (PMC) Vs PM Effectiveness (PME). How do you differentiate between PMC and PME?

PM Compliance is the rate of completion of scheduled preventive maintenance activities, in. a given period of time.  PM Effectiveness measures the degree to produce the desired result.

PM Compliance and PM Effectiveness differ on these key aspects.

  • PMC is a single metric whereas PME is more composite and includes additional vital elements
  • PMC is a standard formula whereas PME is more adaptive and customizable to specific equipment set, operations, conditions and history.
  • PMC is quantitative whereas PM is comprehensive and weights in more qualitative factors as well
  • Besides a measure on completion rate, PMC does not provide additional metrics for improvement.  PM Effectiveness is more aligned with the business goals and can be defined from first principles and thus can provide more insights for continuous improvement and best practices

What are the benefits of  Preventive Maintenance Effectiveness tracking?

Preventive Maintenance Effectiveness can benefit Maintenance Organizations in the following ways

  1. Improve the results of the Preventive Maintenance program and help achieve the intended benefits
  2. Increases the uptime of the asset and extends asset life
  3. Aids in streamlining the Preventive Maintenance activities that are not effective and improve their efficiency
  4. Helps in resource optimization of spares inventory, labor and vendor services
  5. Improves process efficiency of maintenance management and performance of maintenance organization
  6. Enhances the utilization of maintenance budget
  7. Provides better return on investment on the asset management activities for the organization

How can I measure my Preventive Maintenance effectiveness?

Critical elements involved in measuring PM effectiveness include

  1. PM Compliance or Schedule Compliance:  Percentage of Preventive Maintenance schedules completed on time, by equipment criticality and by facility.
  2. Incomplete Preventive Maintenance activities and their criticality, repeatedly missed tasks
  3. Overdue tasks:  Number of tasks that were not completed during the period and their priority and ageing analysis
  4. Variance: Schedule and cost variance, expected results vs observations
  5. New potential failure points detection during inspection set in preventive maintenance tasks
  6. Traceability of Preventive Maintenance tasks to failure phenomena and addressing them completely.  Preventive maintenance is done to avoid unexpected breakdowns and thus occurrence of a breakdown is in itself a measure of effectiveness of the preventive maintenance tasks
  7. Most importantly analysis of the above measures with equipment criticality and risk in mind, for continuous improvement. 

Implementation of Computerized Maintenance Management Sysems (CMMS or CMMS Software) can greatly help in defining, tracking, administering and improving the Preventive Maintenance Effectiveness.

How can MaintWiz improve my Preventive Maintenance Effectiveness?

MaintWiz industry 4.0 CMMS  provides a robust set of tools to manage the Preventive Maintenance program effectively.  It supports Time based Maintenance, Condition based Maintenance and Event based Maintenance.    Provides Planning Workbench that can help in prioritizing the Preventive Maintenance activities and adjust schedules of current instance, without impacting parent PM schedule.

Specifically MaintWiz industry 4.0 CMMS provides rich functionalities to improve the effectiveness of Preventive Maintenance.  Functionalities include

1.  Asset Management:

Provides comprehensive asset management functionalities that include tracking the equipment criticality, grouping etc.  MaintWiz provides the  full history of the specific equipment, including past failures and failure modes, operating environment to determine the effective Preventive Maintenance program.

2.  Preventive Maintenance Program:

MaintWiz helps in defining hybrid Preventive Maintenance Program for each asset, consisting of Time Based Maintenance, Condition Based Maintenance and Event Based Maintenance.   Such hybrid maintenance programs accounts for different failure scenarios and risks involved and include appropriate preventive maintenance tasks.

3.  Schedule and Task Library:

MaintWiz supports managing the Preventive Maintenance program via library.  Library hosts the applicable schedules and tasks (job plans) for all the applicable preventive maintenance schedules for a given set of equipment group.  Schedules and tasks can easily be revised, and the updated versions can be managed.  Most current version can be easily propagated to all the equipment that fall under that equipment group.

4.  Preventive Maintenance Definitions:

Each preventive maintenance schedule can have additional granular controls in terms of mandating certain tasks completion as prerequisite for work order completion.   Similarly, it can also enforce certain minimum percentage of tasks to be completed for work order closure.  Together these steps enforce better controls on preventive maintenance work orders and improves process adherence.

5. Critical Performance Parameter Monitoring:

MaintWiz helps in integrating with different operational technologies like PLC, SCADA, DCS, MES, Sensors and other Internet of Things to monitor the performance of  critical parameters.  This information is readily available for the Maintenance teams to review, during the Preventive Maintenance execution.  Trend analysis of critical parameters can provide insights on their performance deterioration and imminent failures.  Such proactive approach can improve the effectiveness of preventive maintenance programs.

6. Horizontal Deployment:

MaintWiz CMMS supports Horizontal Deployment of Corrective Actions Preventive Actions (CAPA Activities) to peer class assets.  Based on the root cause analysis of critical breakdowns, CAPA activities are identified to prevent their recurrence.  Horizontal deployment allows easily extending such corrective and preventive measures to all applicable peer class equipment, to improve their availability.

7.  Spares Life Cycle Management:

MaintWiz CMMS helps in instituting spare life cycle management, monitoring residual life and replacing spares that are near their end of life to improve PM Effectiveness, uptime and extend asset life

8.  MTBF Analysis

MaintWiz provides rich analytics to monitor Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of equipment.  MTBF indicates the expected time of failure of an equipment. By scheduling preventive maintenance activities prior to such expected failure period can avoid breakdowns and improve effectiveness.  MaintWiz also provides granular calculations of MTBF by failure modes.  This can be utilized effectively in determining the task list or job plans for each preventive maintenance schedule. 

9.  Process Streamlining:

MaintWiz provides tool sets to view all the Non-conformance Reports (NCR) at a single place.  Such NCR may have been raised as part of work orders or observations during daily patrolling.  Similarly, it provides insights on incomplete tasks during past PMs, to review and improve frequently missed out tasks.  Effective management of such anomalies can improve PM effectiveness.

10.  Preventive Maintenance Planning

MaintWiz provides a rich set of PM Planning tools that provides complete visibility on the entire shop floor and the upcoming preventive maintenance schedules.  It helps in effective rescheduling of preventive maintenance orders based on priority, equipment availability for maintenance, resource availability and work loads, spares inventory position and vendor activities.  It can also help in on-demand re-scheduling the PM activities for downstream equipment, during failures of upstream equipment, thereby seizing the opportunity window.

MaintWiz has many more powerful features that can super-charge your maintenance organization.  It simplifies technology and is very easy-to-implement and use.