Discrete Manufacturing

Embrace Industry 4.0.   With a single system for Asset Management, Operations, Plant Maintenance, Condition Monitoring and analytics, you can a holistic view of your plant assets, gain real-time strategic insights, increase OEE, improve asset utilization, extend the life of the assets and achieve better return on investments.

Applications for the Discrete Manufacturing industry

Easy to Use & Intuitive.  Yet powerful and robust.  MaintWiz simplifies technology to enable peak performance of your assets.

  • Keep up with your growing production equipment, spares, instruments, tools and even utilities.  Easily configure asset hierarchies, preventive schedules and reporting.
  • Perform root cause analysis and institute corrective and preventive actions.   Roll out horizontal deployment to avoid unexpected failures.
  • Schedule planned maintenance activities.  Standardize equipment check sheets.  Plan and manage preventive schedules pipeline.  Track compliance.  Do more with less
  • Get a 360 degree view of your plant and assets over their entire life cycle.  And because MaintWiz provides a complete history, excel in your audits and TPM compliance effortlessly.
  • Streamline business operations.  Generate work orders for different needs – Breakdown, Corrective, Preventive, Performance improvement, Inspection, daily patrolling and more
  • Track Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) at plant level or down to the individual equipment.  Analyze MTTR and MTBF between similar failures. Gain clear insight and make informed decisions
  • With real-time integration into your PLC / Internet of Things / SCADA, build condition monitoring and first symptom alerts to increase equipment reliability.
  • Compare equipment performance against manufacturer’s specifications, historic performance and against peer class.  Get unmatched asset intelligence.

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