Monitoring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) ad 16 Losses for an Autocomp Player

Business Requirement:

A Large Auto components manufacturer wanted to tap machine data and  compute OEE and 16 losses for multiple high cost Presses.

Solution Overview:


MaintWiz  provided a hybrid solution involving automated data capture and manual inputs to classify losses to the smallest interval.   A gateway device that supported the PLC communication protocols was deployed and the run hours data was captured and  posted on to the MaintWiz platform.  Operators reviewed the machine stoppages  and  classified the losses.  MaintWiz also supported shift schedukes, product variants and capacity configurations,.   Production data and Quality data were entered manually.   System provided a comprehensive view on the machine availability, losses, production, quality and OEE.


  • Overall Equipment Efficiency tracking at machine level for each shift was made possible
  • Loss analysis was done systematically and objectively and  performance improvement initiatives were instituted.
  • Uptime maximization and asset sweating ensured higher Return on Investment for the Customer