Condition Monitoring for Safe Transportation of Hazmat via Inland Waterways

Business Requirement:

An Inland Navigation Company based in United States wanted to have a Safe Transportation for Liquid Ammonia

Solution Overview:


Customer  transported liquid ammonia  using boats and barges across the inland waterways of United States.  Liquid Ammonia is hazardous and has to be transported at -32 degree F. MaintWiz met all the business goals. A comprehensive asset management system to manage all the boats and barges was implemented.  All the processes were standardized and institutionalized including operational procedures, inspection schedules, preventive maintenance programs etc.   Conditional Monitoring data from the temperature sensors were ingested on to MaintWiz and business rules relating to condition monitoring were set up.  Alerts to Crew and Central Command upon breach of control levels  was configured. Critical assets, their performance,  key availability metrics and budgets were also tracked.


  • Accidents are very costly resulting in loss of human lives, ecological damage, financial penalties and reputational impact.   Solution helped alerting on first symptoms and thus timely intervention to avoid accidents.
  • Direct savings in Insurance costs as the preventive solution was implemented.
  • Standardized and institutionalized process helped in improving productivity and efficiency.