What We Do.

Maintenance Management. Simplified.

MaintWiz is a global provider of Cloud-based Maintenance Management Solutions (CMMS). Our CMMS suite integrates asset management, scheduled and breakdown maintenance, work order management, and maintenance metrics, to be the single window to the maintenance world for the management and operational staff.

MaintWiz stands out with world-class cloud technology and the ability to deliver sustainable competitive advantages and operational excellence. MaintWiz effectively bridges the strategic management and operational layers, by translating the goals into operational metrics and automating the hitherto fragmented maintenance information for better information processing and actionable insights.

Our solutions help clients to pursue zero downtime, maximize output from their assets, improve their maintenance practices and increase productivity. We serve organizations of all sizes across a wide range of industries including Manufacturing, Engineering, Utilities and Hospitality.

Our solution suite is built specifically for the clients pursuing Total Productive Maintenance and helps them in every step of their TPM journey and in achieving TPM Excellence.

It is still “Day 1” and we continue to relentlessly focus on applying technology to maintenance domain to deliver continuous operational excellence. Stay tuned for our updates on innovation and transformation solutions.


MaintWiz was born from our co-founders’ personal frustration dealing with the archaic and silo processes, paper based forms and fragmented information that are prevalent in the maintenance world. Together they were downright painful and viewed as operational chores and as not areas for improving operational efficiencies.

Our founding team saw an opportunity in reinventing the maintenance management process by applying technology to streamline the ad hoc processes, integrate the fragmented information, manage the maintenance schedules and improving te management of breakdown incidents.

MaintWiz  strives to get rid of manual processes with innovative maintenance solutions. MaintWiz today provides an easy to deploy and easy to use Cloud-based Maintenance Management Solution (CMMS) that provides a single integrated view of the various moving parts to serve as a window to the maintenance world.

MaintWiz brings the enterprise grade solution to the reach of organizations of every size, to streamline the maintenance operations. MaintWiz applies the measue, manage, improve philosophy to the maintenance metrics to deliver operational excellence.

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