Power & Utilities

Operate more efficiently, deliver peak performance, maximize resources and control costs. With a single unified platform from MaintWiz to support all your engineering, maintenance and operations, you can focus on what’s most important — reliable performance to support growth.

Applications for the Power & Utilities

Easy to Use & Intuitive.  Yet powerful and robust.  MaintWiz simplifies technology to enable smart and collaborative workforce.

  • Comprehensive platform to manage all your power plants, sub-stations and transmission lines. Easily configure asset hierarchies, preventive schedules, daily jobs and reporting.
  • Perform root cause analysis and institute corrective and preventive actions.   Roll out horizontal deployment to avoid unexpected failures.  Schedule planned maintenance activities.  Plan and manage preventive schedules pipeline.  Track compliance.  Do more with less
  • One click maintenance at point of work via Mobile app. ‘My Tasks’ help to plan their day better. Regional language support via  Unicode for effective instructions. Smarten your workforce for speed-to-response.
  • With real-time integration into your PLC / Internet of Things / SCADA, build condition monitoring and first symptom alerts to increase equipment reliability.
  • Streamline business operations.  Generate work orders for different needs – Breakdown, Corrective, Preventive, Performance improvement, Inspection, daily patrolling and more
  • Optimize business processes.  Standardize incidence response.  Build repeatable processes.  Institutionalize the knowledge.  Learn.  Gain competitive edge and cost optimization.
  • Get insights on where your  workforce spent their time. Make recurring work efficient.  Avoid leakages from unimportant work.   Improve productivity. Maximize performance and revenue.
  • Get a 360 degree view of all facilities and assets.  Compare service levels against benchmarks, cost of maintenance, historic performance and against peer group. Gain clear insight and make informed decisions.

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