Maintenance of a Cross Country Transmission Network

Business Requirement:

A Leading cross country Power Transmission Company wanted to manage their Sub-stations and Transmission  Assets

Solution Overview:


Customer managed multiple inter-state power transmission networks that are part of national grid across the country.   Given their criticality, all critical assets at Sub-stations and Transmission lines needed proper planned maintenance programs.  Standard schedules and checklists based maintenance activities to be rolled out to thousands of assets.  Additional tasks to be assigned based on tower location, criticality or  past failure history.   Certain activities were outsourced to 3rd party service providers and geo-fencing was enabled to ensure the ground patrolling and maintenance activities are carried at actual site.  Critical assets, their performance,  key availability metrics and budgets were also tracked.


  • Preventive maintenance program and effectiveness improvement at Sub-stations
  • Failure phenomena analysis and Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA) institution for critical assets
  • Streamlining of Ground patrolling, Night patrolling tasks and engineering inspections.
  • Geo-fencing enforcement via Mobile to ensure transaction integrity while  patrolling / inspecting remote transformer assets.