Improving Uptime and Preventive Maintenance Effectiveness for Process Industry

Business Requirement:

A Large Chemical manufacturer with 24×7 operations, wanted to improve Preventive Maintenance Effectiveness to improve uptime and production

Solution Overview:


Customer was using certain siloed applications and excel sheets to manage all maintenance activities, resulting in breaks, costly reconciliations and most importantly inefficiencies in maintenance management.  MaintWiz  brought in the entire assets on a common platform including the hierarchy, standby and redundant equipment.   Standardized PM schedules and check sheets, failure phenomena based on Equipment group was instituted.  Technicians were able to track and complete work orders on mobile and at point of work.  PM compliance and task level completion was improved.  Condition monitoring data and past breakdowns (since last PM) were fed along with PM Schedules for analysis and improvement measures.  Overall PM effectiveness improved significantly.


  • Comprehensive asset register with complete failure history and root cause analysis helped technicians to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues and address frequent failures.
  • Planning workbench helped with scheduling and improving preventive maintenance activities to improve effectiveness, take advantage of opportunities etc.
  • Unplanned downtimes came down significantly.  Improved Availability and Reliability