Unified Portal for Monitoring and Maintaining Multiple Solar and Wind Parks

Business Requirement:

A Global Industry Leader in renewables space – with presence in Wind and Solar, wanted to manage its renewable assets and as well do remote monitoring

Solution Overview:


Customer  managed multiple farms – both its own assets and end-customer owned assets.  Projects were spread across multiple states and comprised of Wind and Solar assets. SCADA was available at most of the sites and  access locally.   Customer wanted to have a common unified and comprehensive platform.   MaintWiz met all the business goals. A multi project solution was implemented with granular entitlements to different clients / users based on requirements.  All the Assets were brought in, including Utilities and Fleet assets.  Preventive Schedules and Breakdown phenomena was set up.  Cleaning and inspections schedules were configured. SCADA integration was done and Remote Monitoring enabled.  Critical assets, their performance,  key availability metrics and budgets were also tracked.  End customer reporting was driven out of MaintWiz.


  • All Assets are tracked on common platform.  Peer class comparison was possible.
  • Solution was Scalable (More project sites) and Extensible (New Categories)
  • Repeatable process assets were defined.  Enabled Standardization, Institutionalization and Quick roll out for new projects.
  • Remote monitoring ensured Central Monitoring and Control.  Experts available on tap for site resources.
  • End Customer reporting was standardized and automated.