Turnkey Operations & Maintenance Service Providers

Build all your projects / client sites on a common platform, with granular access controls.  MaintWiz provides Total Solutions that helps you standardize your processes and practices.  Gain unprecedented visibility at individual project health and financial performance.

Applications for the Turnkey O&M Services

Easy to Use & Intuitive.  Yet powerful and robust.  MaintWiz simplifies technology to enable operational productivity and action oriented analytics.

  • Comprehensive platform to manage all your projects and services  – be it full service offering for managing entire plant operations or specialized solutions like utilities management
  • Digital disruption is here.  Machines are becoming intelligent.  Factories are becoming smart.  Get your   Digital nervous system that seamlessly connects the physical and digital domains. Embrace now or perish.
  • Your Central-Command-Center-in-a-box solution.  Integrate SCADA from project sites, to enable remote monitoring.  Far off site staff can now collaborate with experts effectively to resolve critical issues at lightning speed. 
  • Keep up with your growing projects, production equipment, spares, instruments, tools and even utilities.  Easily configure hierarchies, preventive schedules and reporting.
  • Optimize business processes.  Standardize incidence response.  Build repeatable processes.  Institutionalize the knowledge.  Learn.  Gain competitive edge and cost optimization.
  • Performance based contracts are here to stay.  Monitor your key performance indicators against goals.  Track them continuously. Institute mid course corrections.  Avoid rude surprises.  And enjoy the well earned profit boost.
  • Get insights on where your  workforce spent their time. Make recurring work efficient.  Avoid leakages from side work.   Avert high quality resources from low level transactions.   Improve productivity. Maximize performance and revenue.
  • Get a 360 degree view of all projects and assets.  Compare equipment performance against manufacturer’s specifications, historic performance and against peer class. Gain clear insight and make informed decisions.

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