KPIs & SLA Monitoring for Performance Improvement for O&M Service Provider

Business Requirement:

A Turnkey Operations and Maintenance Services Provider wanted to institute and manage KPIs to avoid Service Level breaches and consequent performance penalties

Solution Overview:


Customer was offering managed O&M services at multiple client sites.  Profitability of the engagement rested on service level compliance on key performance areas.  Manual computations led to errors, missed time windows and keyman risk. MaintWiz helped capture key asset details, their performance, failure history etc and provided dashboards to monitor and manage critical KPIs.  Continuous monitoring helped in identifying potential failures and institute course corrections ahead.  Comprehensive site operations monitoring ensured operations are streamlined and metric based culture instituted.


  • Avoidance of Service Level breaches and consequential penalties.  Project profitability was ensured with minimization of impact of unplanned events
  • Comprehensive insights on equipment performance, failures etc. to institute cost effective mitigation measures.  It also helped in new project bidding better.
  • Multiple projects on a common platform helped compare their performance and profitability.
  • Helped identify automation opportunities for process improvement
  • Streamlined processes and goal based approach helped in operational efficiency improvements.