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Industry 4.0 CMMS Software

MaintWiz is a comprehensive Indusry 4.0 compliant CMMS Software for maintenance management departments in India, United States, Europe and Asia developed by MaintWiz Technologies Pvt Ltd. MaintWiz’s three founders Balaji, Jaisankar & Murali started the company in 2015 with the belief that smart machines enable smarter maintenance management. True to their original thinking and expectations, MaintWiz software has since grown to be everything that a maintenance team needs to smartly manage & utilize plant assets, equipment, machines, people & tasks. Both our mobile and desktop versions of the CMMS software are used by maintenance practioners working in leading manufacturing companies in India and abroad.

 Here are 10 ways MaintWiz CMMS Software is used by industrial clients in India:

  • To build a comprehensive asset management system.
  • Create repeatable preventive maintenance schedules and job plans.
  • Improve preventive maintenance effectiveness and compliance .
  • Manage the complete work order life cycle including root cause analysis and CAPA activities.
  • Analyse failure mode to improve availability, reliability and performance.
  • Automate data capture from PLC / SCADA / Internet of Things to enable condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.
  • Track Shut down, Cap Ex and other maintenance projects.  Complete planning, budgeting and scheduling capabilities with variance analysis.
  • Optimize maintenance tasks, spares inventory and reduce cost of maintenance.
  • Empower users with reliable  on-demand access via mobile.
  • Improve OEE, extend Asset Life and have a better Return on Investment.
MaintWiz Industry 4.0 CMMS Software provides a robust digital foundation to host industrial asset register and process assets.

Digital Foundation

Robust digital platform for comprehensive EAM & digital process assets from MaintWiz. Can enable efficient plant operations & improved maintenance management.

MaintWiz Industry 4.0 CMMS Software connects Operational Technology to Enterprise Technology and bridges the chasm.

Connected Systems

Connect M2M, PLC, SCADA, DCS and Internet of Things. Integrate operations & enterprise technologies. Build a unified and complete view of assets with MaintWiz.

MaintWiz Industry 4.0 CMMS Software provides comprehensive asset intelligence to support business outcomes.

Actionable Analytics

MaintWiz is your window to shop floor with focus on measurable business outcomes. Data driven asset management & maintenance operations can foster better decisions.

MaintWiz_CMMS Software Industry 4.0 enables Smart Workforce for high performance maintenance organizations.

Smart Workforce

Maintenance teams can access asset information, and complete breakdown and preventive maintenance work orders via MaintWiz mobile at the point of work itself.

MaintWiz CMMS is Industry 4.0 Software of choice!

MaintWiz Industry 4.0 CMMS Software is Cloud, Mobile, Analytics and Internet of Things ready.

Globally marquee clients across industry verticals trust MaintWiz as their Asset Management and Maintenance platform of choice.  Below are some of our happy customers who have realised tremendous business value within a short span of using MaintWiz CMMS.  

Reliable CMMS for Maintenance Management Teams!

Increases Availability 

Optimize your enterprise asset management practices to reduce downtime  and  improve reliability. Target & achieve high maintenance goals. 

Improves Operational Efficiency

Streamline your maintenance operations. Build repeatable maintenance process assets. Maximize equipment efficiency and employee productivity.

Extends Asset Life

Manage the asset through its life cycle. Increase asset utilization and return on investment.

Improves Safety

Run your operations safely, confidently and with complete peace of mind.

Ensures Compliance

Embrace industry standards. Achieve industry certifications. Excel in shop floor audits & inspections. Ensure safety & sustainability.

Metrics based Maintenance

Measure, manage and improve your Maintenance Operations. Build a high performance maintenance organization.

MaintWiz Maintenance Software - Which Industries can Benefit Most?

MaintWiz is an award winning CMMS Software for asset management, facilities management, plant operations, maintenance management and projects. The Industry 4.0 Computerized Maintenance Management Software offers powerful tools and intelligence  that can meet the unique needs of your organization.  Industrial Plants can scale up their asset management and maintenance operations for future with MaintWiz. It is trusted by by the following industrial verticals to digitalize their maintenance management:

MaintWiz - Powerful Equipment Maintenance Tool

One powerful CMMS Tool to manage all maintenance activities and tasks!

MaintWiz is a full-featured industry 4.0 CMMS Software that Maintenance Managers need to manage all their Plant Operations and Maintenance tasks easily and efficiently.

Redefine Maintenance Management with All-in-One MaintWiz CMMS Software.

How does MaintWiz help us to get more out of their Maintenance Management Software?

Easy Implementation

The expert implementation team at MaintWiz is ready to welcome you onboard and set up complete asset master, stores, spare parts & consumables inventory, preventive maintenance schedules and checklists, Breakdown failure phenomena, user notifications, and metrics and dashboards.A 12 week guided onboarding program for complete set up and stabilization

Exceptional Support

Top-notch MaintWiz technical customer support and easy to understand documentation is available via multiple channels - Interactive user manuals with FAQs and how-to explanations, email support and telephonic calls.With a quick response time and rapid resolution to even challenging requirements, you'll love our customer support like all our happy customers do.

Effective Training

A quick 3 hour training is all it takes for MaintWiz users to master the Work Order transactions. Our 2-day training to administrators can prepare them to create asset master, preventive schedules and checklist updations, User set up, dashboard configuration etc.Refresher trainings are available to reinforce learnings and make the most out of the MaintWiz CMMS software platform.

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Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) FAQ

CMMS refers to Computerized Maintenance Management System (also referred as Computerized Maintenance Management Information System (CMMIS), Maintenance Management System (MMS)). CMMS software is a powerful tool that helps businesses organize and manage their maintenance operations, programs and activities on a centralized and easy-to-use technology platform.  CMMS Software holds a repository of all the industrial assets (assets register) and the various maintenance activities are performed on these assets. Maintenance programs and activities include breakdown maintenance, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, shut down maintenance etc. CMMS Software provides comprehensive asset history and various maintenance metrics.

A Work Order is a document that authorizes the execution of maintenance, repair, inspection, installation or other types of tasks carried out on an asset.  A Work Order System is a central system for managing all the work orders through its life cycle.  Work Orders can be of different types to support different maintenance management activities like Planned Maintenance or Preventive Maintenance, Reactive Maintenance or Breakdown Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Shut down or Turn Around Maintenance etc.   Work Orders can be created manually or through automated means.

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS or CMMS Software) is used to manage all Maintenance Operations, Programs and activities and includes managing the Life cycle of work orders.   Thus CMMS Software is also referred as Work Order System or CMMS Work Order System.

A CMMS system helps organizations keep enterprise asset details up-to-date, track all work orders and manage maintenance operations and activities.

  • CMMS has a robust asset foundation at the core, that hosts information relating to various industrial assets, their hierarchy and organization, codifications, attributes technical specifications, grouping, failure phenomena, past history etc.
  • Work Orders can be created manually or by the system to authorize work execution on specified equipment. Associated functionalities manage the entire life cycle of work order.
  • CMMS auto-generates Preventive Maintenance work orders based on pre-set business rules (calendar based, run hours based on condition monitoring based).
  • It has also got functionalities to manage Instruments and calibration, spares and inventory management at multiple stores, utilities management, geo-location for moving assets etc.
  • Supports associated maintenance and operational activities like safety permits, inspections and audits, meter readings, automated performance parameter capture etc.
  • CMMS Software can also analyze the equipment, work order and transactional information to deliver asset intelligence and maintenance metrics
  • Advanced CMMS systems have capabilities to manage Projects (Annual Shut downs, Capital Expenditure Projects, Management of Change / Overhauls etc.), Budgets Vs Actuals (Equipment / assembly line / plant level tracked monthly or annual), track Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Overall Labour Effectiveness (OLE), aid TPM certifications and reliability programs etc.

An all-in-one CMMS has asset management, plant operations & maintenance,  condition monitoring and reliability programs rolled into one. It is designed to increase asset availability and utilization, extend asset life and improve people productivity.

CMMS or CMMS Software refers to Computerized Maintenance Management System that deals with the technology platform for managing plant maintenance and related activities.   Enterprise Asset Management (EAM or EAM Software) is centralized information repository for holding all industrial assets information.

CMMS terminology is fairly older. EAM terminology was coined  to represent the increasing focus on managing an asset through its entire life cycle.  In theory, EAM captures and organizes much more information about the assets, far beyond maintenance and related activities, to include financials, life cycle costs, performance, asset intelligence etc.  In practice, both CMMS and EAM have evolved and got sophisticated and has mirrored each others features and functionalities.  Today the lines between CMMS and EAM is blurred and often Asset Care is used as a overarching terminology.

MaintWiz is an Industry 4.0 CMMS Software platform for asset management, plant maintenance, condition monitoring and generating reliability analytics.  MaintWiz integrates the Operational Technologies (Internet of Things, PLC, SCADA, MES, DCS etc.) with Enterprise Technology (SAP, Other ERP, Datawarehouse) and provides enterprises with a single source of truth combining all the asset information.

MaintWiz is extensible and scalable to support multiple plants / projects.  It can be rolled out readily and even for very large organizations the whole implementation can be done in 4 weeks time.  Since it is offered as a Software-as-a-Service on subscription basis, it does not require any capital investment as well.

MaintWiz is used for Asset Management, Operations and Plant Maintenance.  It is used by maintenance teams as well as safety officers, business excellence team members, finance teams etc.  Customers include companies of all sizes from discrete, batch and process based manufacturing industries, turnkey operations and maintenance providers and industries like power, renewables, logistics, inspection agencies and others.

All manufacturing organizations have assets to manage and maintain.  MaintWiz CMMS Software scales to meet the requirements of Large Enterprises, and Small and Medium Businesses (SMB).   MaintWiz CMMS Software has comprehensive functionalities to meet the unique needs of different organizations. MaintWiz CMMS provides a lot of configurable features as well to meet customization requirements.   Specialized and advanced features and functionalities are also provided.  Industry specific functionalities and Customized enhancement are also offered.  Based on your business requirements of Clients, MaintWiz CMMS can provide the right fit to address all your asset management and maintenance needs comprehensively.

CMMS that is accessible over a Mobile device like Smart phone, Tablets and other handheld devices at the point of work , is referred to as a Mobile CMMS.  Mobile CMMS helps the maintenance team members to access all information about the assets, prior breakdown history, spares usage, performance parameters etc. right in the middle of the shop floor. It also supports completion of  work orders and other transactions right there, in equipment proximity, thereby enabling better information capture.

Mobile CMMS can be accessed via mobile browsers in the Smart Phones or Tablets with with responsive screens (screen size automatically adjusts to device form factor) or using native mobile apps built for the specific mobile operating system.  Some old ERPs use mobile middleware to present their legacy screens on mobile devices.  Native mobile apps are the best, as they take advantage of device capabilities (eg. QR code swipe via camera to retrieve equipment information) and enable the workforce to be more smarter.

MaintWiz CMMS offers a native mobile app, with one-click-maintenance, to support the maintenance workforce at the point of work.

Very easy.  MaintWiz CMMS provides easy to use Excel templates for set up.   To start with you can copy paste the equipment information and upload on to the system. You can set up Preventive Maintenance schedules and task lists, breakdown phenomena, user notifications etc. similarly via Excel sheets and start using the system.

Of course, yes.  With MaintWiz CMMS you can add assets as you procure them or when you have the data ready.  You can add Preventive Maintenance schedules and checklists at your convenience.   With MaintWiz CMMS you can even manage versions of Preventive Maintenance schedules and checklists. Some of our clients also add assets from a specific Business Unit or Plant first,  build all their process assets and KPI dashboards first and applying the repeatable processes and learnings, build for other Plants as well.

MaintWiz CMMS software has all the functionalities required to manage your assets, maintenance functions and spares inventory.  It also has many additional and advanced functionalities that help you manage your overall plant operations and maintenance efficiently.   MaintWiz CMMS can be used as a Stand Alone software or can be integrated with other Enterprise Technologies (SAP / Other ERP, Business Applications, Data Ware house) and / or Operational Technologies (PLC / SCADA / DCS / MES / Internet of Things)

Of course.  MaintWiz CMMS can be used for managing all the Asset Management and Plant Maintenance functions.  All the asset information in SAP / other ERP, like codification and hierarchy for all assets and  equipment including sub-assembly can be mirrored in MaintWiz CMMS.  Preventive Maintenance schedules and task lists can be set up in MaintWiz CMMS.  Engineering and Maintenance users can enter all the work orders and other transactions in MaintWiz.   Maintenance team members and business users can use the rich analytics provided by MaintWiz including KPI dashboards, equipment scorecards and interactive charts.

Based on the enterprise business requirements, requisite transaction information (Spares, labour and other cost items) can be auto-posted on to SAP / ERP and designated intervals.  Thus dual entry  of work orders and costly reconciliations are  avoided.  With integration, we can enable meet enterprise goals of having all relevant information on ERP.

Absolutely.   MaintWiz CMMS can be rolled out to multiple plants / project sites.  MaintWiz’s largest customers have hundreds of thousands of assets including equipment, spares and instruments managed on the platform.   With in companies, MaintWiz CMMS has been implemented across multiple plants / project sites in different geographies.

MaintWiz industry 4.0 CMMS software can be quickly rolled out with easy-to-use excel uploads.  Excel templates are available for download and all the asset information including equipment, spares, instruments can be copied over.  Codification and asset hierarchy is preserved.  Entire asset hierarchy set up can be done in few minutes.  Besides that, every other task like preventive schedules, checklists, failure phenomena, vendors, user notifications etc. can be easily set up with bulk upload of excel sheets.

With MaintWiz industry 4.0 CMMS system, assets can be set up quickly and preventive maintenance schedules and breakdown orders can be generated on same day.

MaintWiz CMMS implementation can be done on a Do-it-yourself mode.  The process takes only a few minutes.   Onboarding process has been automated with do-it-yourself Excel templates.  All you need to do is to copy-paste the data on to the right templates and upload on to the system.  Once Asset Register is uploaded, Preventive Maintenance schedules can be set up instantly or work orders can be generated instantly.

Once asset register is set up, assets can be added to asset register anytime.  Not only the asset register, all other types of assets like Spares inventory and Instruments can also be uploaded via Excel sheets.  Preventive Maintenance Schedules, Preventive maintenance tasks, Breakdown failure phenomena, vendors, users can all be set up using Excel uploads.   New Preventive Maintenance Schedules and tasks can also be added anytime.

MaintWiz CMMS system makes the onboarding experience very efficient and enjoyable.

MaintWiz industry 4.0 CMMS software is designed as a “Do it Yourself” platform.   It’s very intuitive and easy to use.  Administrators can easily set up the asset hierarchy, preventive schedules, configure workflows and dashboards and grant granular user entitlements.

MaintWiz also provides custom implementation services to take advantage of the system quickly and effectively.

Absolutely.   We will help you get up and running quickly and efficiently and in 4-6 weeks time.  MaintWiz consultants possess deep domain expertise and has rich experience in asset management and plant maintenance.   MaintWiz team can help you define your asset register and  build process assets in such a way, that they are repeatable and scalable.

We have a standard implementation plan that can cover the roll out of all functionalities effectively.  We can work with you at the start of the implementation to understand your expectations and customize the  implementation plan to meet your specific requirements.  MaintWiz team will also provide requisite training to the maintenance team members, other users and administrators of the CMMS software.

MaintWiz industry 4.0 CMMS  is a powerful platform and has ready to use functionalities to meet your unique business requirements.  In addition, it provides a lot of configurable features to support your unique requirements.  MaintWiz achieves this by having a Configuration Layer on top of its core engine to support the customization requirements.  Configuration layer is exposed via Admin module for administrators to easily configure custom values.  Custom features, reports and modules can be exclusively built for Larger Enterprises on request.

You own all the data and MaintWiz takes the security of your data seriously. MaintWiz CMMS platform supports a multi layer  security model  – Infrastructure Security, Application Security and Information Security to protect your data. MaintWiz is an enterprise grade solution and we ensure that all your security policies and procedures are met satisfactorily.  Security is our highest priority and is an integral part of our operations.  Reach us to discuss MaintWiz security framework and  how we can meet  your security policy and requirements.

MaintWiz CMMS software can be easily integrated with enterprise applications to avoid dual entry and costly reconciliations.  MaintWiz CMMS provides ready to use web services for integration with SAP, other ERP, homegrown enterprise applications, production systems, enterprise dataware house and business intelligence systems.

Yes.  MaintWiz CMMS provides ready to use web services for integration with different applications that is easy to set up and use.  In addition, MaintWiz also provides custom IoT Gateways that can integrate with your PLC, Sensors and Internet of Things.  MaintWiz also offer integrations to many different homegrown applications and systems.  Based on your specific requirements, we can provide the total solutions to integrate with these operational technologies and capture the data automatically.

MaintWiz is offered on a subscription basis.  It does not involve any capital investments.  There are no long-term contracts required.  Business model is to earn subscription renewals via continuous delivery of business value, quarter after quarter.

MaintWiz requires a minimum subscription of 10 Full Users or equivalent.  Custom plans with additional features and premium support are available for Large Enterprises.  Contact us to get the pricing for your organization.

MaintWiz’s award winning customer support team is available to you to address all your technical questions.  MaintWiz Customer Support is available over telephone and via email during business hours.  Additionaly there is help manual addressing all the whys and hows and it is available as part of the MaintWiz CMMS platform.  Contextual help is provided with quickly search functionalities.  MaintWiz also offers paid customized support plans for large enterprises with unique and specific needs.

MaintWiz CMMS supports such unique custom requirements.  Our professional services team can help you to do the necessary data preparation and processing to upload the past transactional information on to MaintWiz CMMS.   Scope of work, deliverables, timeline and commercials may vary based on the business requirements and volume of data.

Absolutely Yes.   MaintWiz provides a rich set of functionalities to meet the specific Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) needs.  MaintWiz CMMS can be a big companion in your pursuit of TPM Excellence.