Asset Master

Manage your enterprise assets, all in one place – Facilities, Equipment, Instruments, Spare Parts and Utilities. Create work orders, schedule preventive maintenance, manage performance, view history, and alert stakeholders. 360-degree view to boosting your everyday productivity

●  Flexible hierarchy to mimic your unique needs. Configurable values to support your equipment categorizations
●  A visual view of the tree structure and geo-mapping
●  Track equipment performance – availability, OEE, MTTR, MTBF and more
●  Monitor asset history of failures and prevent their recurrence
●  Horizontally deploy learnings across same class of equipment
●  View comprehensive asset intelligence – failure history, performance trends, cost of maintenance.




Work Order Management

Efficient work order management system with a focus on improving shop floor productivity.
Generate work orders for break down or preventive maintenance. Streamline your process. Collect information to drive actionable insights.

●  Manage equipment failures with the orderly restoration process. Drive scheduled maintenance activities to precision.
●  Identify root cause analysis or Why Why Analysis to prevent recurrence of shortcomings
●  Communicate status and expected timeline to all stakeholders
●  Review the restoration process end to end to identify opportunities for improvement
●  Ensure safe work environment by enforcing safety precautions and permits.
●  Track costs at the granular level – spare parts, labour and vendor costs to compute a cost of work order software maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

Improve equipment reliability, by fixing before it fails. Prevent downtime and expensive equipment repairs. Improve equipment safety and increases asset life.

•  Flexible to repeat simple to sophisticated time-based schedules (time-based scheduling)
•  Automatic generation of work orders based specification run hours or breach of critical parameters (condition based scheduling)
•  An orchestrated sequence of large-scale preventive maintenance activities on the occurrence of an event (event-based scheduling)
•  Standardize preventive maintenance programs with same checklists and spares replacement
•  Track schedule maintenance compliance and failures due to improper preventive maintenance
•  Horizontally deploy to the same class of equipment software
•  Manage maintenance schedules with powerful planning workbench.





Instruments & Calibration

Instrument calibration ensures consistency of measurements taken by different people, at different places, at different times and using different instruments. Maintaining instrument accuracy and integrity is essential to sustain business operations and adhere to statutory compliance and customer specifications.

•   Manage instrument specifications, acceptable accuracy range, and calibration process
•   Set up calibration schedules and functional maintenance to suit your organizational needs
•   Track pre-calibration and post-calibration readings. Measure and monitor rise and fall readings. Compare against set standards.
•   Generate work orders to restore after a malfunction
•   Establish reliability of instruments and track instrument history
•  Capture traceability of measurements to recognized systems analysis meant with their stated uncertainties.

Interactive Reports

Information is everywhere; intelligence is rare and insights are missing. Address this gap with powerful analytics tools that combine different dimensions to provide comprehensive perspective. Drive positive business outcomes through better asset intelligence and action-oriented insights.

•  Build your asset intelligence, all at one place.
•  Compare equipment performance against set goals/standards, against itself over time (trends) and against same class of equipment (horizontal)
•  Interact with your data to get action-oriented insights.
•  Build algorithms to institute Predictive Maintenance or Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
•  Automate the report generation with pre-set criteria and generation schedules. Information seeks you.
•  Export to Excel or PDF for sharing with others.


cmms-maintenance-analytics-interactive-reports Measure. Manage. Improve. Actionable analytics to drive business outcomes



Meter Reading

Monitoring performance requires capturing tracking many parameters diligently over time. MaintWiz supports extensive data capture mechanisms from data entry at point of work via mobile, excel uploads, and integration with electronic data sources. Coupled with business intelligence tools, MaintWizpresents powerful features to deliver unique insights for managed performance.

•  Regular Meters to track energy consumption or production run hours
•  Conditional Meters to monitor control range parameters – temperature, pressure, vibration
•  Hybrid Meters – Combine different meters to derive unique insights, eg. Steam consumption per ton or residual lifespan of a critical spare part
•  iMeters – Smart monitoring of data from automated data sources like Sensors, SCADA, Internet of Things
•  Instant access to graphs and charts. View performance trends at the point of entry.
•  Set up targets and control range. Compare to past averages or same month last year.


A native Android app designed with the users in mind. Our Mobile First strategy leverages the power of devices to improve human productivity. Swipe the QR code to get all the information pre-loaded and click to create a work order or meter reading or add a picture.

•  Responsive design to adapt to different form factors or mobile phones and tablets
•  One Click Maintenance to improve productivity and efficiency
•  Get personalized view with My MaintWiz – right from daily TPM tasks to calendars to timekeeping
•  Receive alerts and notifications, right upon an occurrence
•  Generate or complete your work orders at the point of work
•  Access design documents and failure history on demand.

mobile cmms




To support business agility and unified enterprise view, MaintWiz architecture has been designed to integrate with a wide variety of enterprise information systems, tools, and applications

•  Unified view by combining information from humans, machines, and computers on a single platform
•  Real-time data integration with Sensors, HMI, SCADA, Internet of Things and other automated data sources
•  Support integration with ERP with structured information exchange to facilitate data synchronization
•  Supports outbound feeds to enterprise data warehouses, business intelligence and data modeling tools.