What is Facilities Management?

Facility Management (FM) relates to maintaining an organisation’s real estate, buildings, and related equipment. It includes all the support services required for the upkeep and maintenance of the physical assets under its custody. Facilities Management comprises multiple disciplines such as housekeeping, operations, utility management, property management, repairs and maintenance, safety and compliance, and security of the physical assets. It delivers the service by integrating people, processes, and technology with the place.  

Facilities Management professionals serve a wide range of industries including Corporate offices, factories and process plants, high-rise buildings, educational institutions, hotels and hospitals, apartment complexes, public utilities, malls, sports centres and stadiums and other large campuses.

Goals of Facilities Management

MaintWiz_Goals of Facilities-Management

Like other asset custodians and service providers, the primary goals of Facilities Maintenance Management are to ensure the smooth running of operations, minimize disruptions or failures and maximize the life of the assets. They deliver their services via

Special functions provided by Facilities Maintenance Management providers include hospitality services, property management, catering services, communication infrastructure management, etc.

Being the professional staff managing corporate and other public facilities, the FM professional is often trained in first aid, fire and emergency preparedness, business continuity and disaster recovery operations and rules enforcement within the premises.

Facility Management Scope of Work

Facilities management is a fast-growing discipline involving a full range of activities with multiple tasks.  Some of them may be repeatable tasks performed over time, across various sub-units and following a specific schedule. Examples include housekeeping, security services, utility operations, etc. Other functions can be situation-specific and tactical like break-fix repairs or building maintenance management. Complex vendor coordination, people management, delivery of service level agreements and emergency response.

Facility Management Systems

Facility Management involves managing many moving parts and systems and helps in coordinating the different tasks in a meaningful way to deliver efficient operations. Facility Management Software (often referred to as FMS, Facilities Management Software, FacilityManagement System, Property Maintenance Software or Property Management  System) deals with computerized operations of facility management (property management), wherein all the property information, their upkeep and maintenance schedules, repairs history etc. are kept in an organized and easy-to-access format.

Initially, Building Maintenance Software Systems emerged as a point solution to meet these needs.  As the facilities management industry’s demands grew sophisticated, technology also evolved, and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS Software) and Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM) started extending their offerings into the facility/property management space and provided their rich set of functionalities to provide a total solution to the Facilities Management industry. 

This includes multiple facilities/projects/client sites architecture, flexible hierarchy configuration, managing own/third party assets, managing numerous services and respective service levels, integration with building management software and equipment, automated condition monitoring and analytical reporting.

Future of Facilities Management

Facilities Management has transformed from an in-house service to an outsourced service. The emergence of Facilities Management Software as a third-party service has shaped the industry with a high emphasis on domain expertise, on-demand provisioning of services, flexibility in engagement models, scale and scope of services and topping up with specialized services to meet buyer expectations.

With technology evolution, remote services made possible leading to a newer form of “light touch” service delivery. With the broader portfolio of services, multiple vendors, many moving parts, guaranteed service levels and other operational constraints, data management, and analytics are now critical drivers towards Maintenance Management metrics to deliver more, with fewer resources.

Integration of Facilities Management systems with intelligent devices, real-time condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance enable smarter service delivery. Technology is the core strategic driver, disruptor and blue ocean of opportunity.

As Facilities Management contracts get broader in scope and complexity, multi-sourced services with the master service provider offering turnkey services and orchestrating coordinated delivery are becoming the norm. Technology expertise, consulting, project management and supplier relationship management have all become an integral part of the Facilities Management trade.

FM industry is fast evolving to a seamless “Facilities-Management-as-a-Service” model with more flexible business models, fungible services, automatic delivery, outcome-based pricing and integrated physical-digital systems.

How can MaintWiz help Facility Management Professionals?

MaintWiz is a new age industry 4.0 CMMS Software platform that helps you to digitize your facility maintenance operations and assist you in converting the routine operational transactions to maintenance management metrics. It is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, with mobile enablement to facilitate data capture at the point of work by the operational staff.  

MaintWiz is a Simple, Easy to use, Integrated, Cost effective and Scalable solution. Principal advantages of the solution include:

1. Asset Register: MaintWiz supports multiple clients/sites hosted under the same tree structure with granular entitlements to control access. Also, it helps a flexible hierarchy to mimic assets (including buildings, equipment, instruments, and utilities – owned or managed) as it is in the physical world.
2. Break-fix and preventive maintenance: Supports complete work order management through its entire lifecycle. Schedule preventive maintenance based on time, condition or event-based triggers.
3. Operations: Simple service orders to track the cleaning, housekeeping support services, and other daily patrolling tasks. One-page order makes it easy for the person managing the support services to enter without any additional workload.
4. Condition Monitoring: Real-time integration with the equipment to monitor critical parameters and generate alerts and warnings on first symptoms.
5. Resource Management: Workforce assignment to different housekeeping operations and maintenance activities. Generate comprehensive reports to help you do workforce maintenance planning, administration and costing.
6. Reports and Analytics: A full set of reports available to meet your everyday needs. Interactive stories with supporting visuals to give a comprehensive perspective. Helps convert daily transactions to maintenance management metrics.
7. Mobile: Easy to use mobile app that allows one-click maintenance. Helps to carry the power of computing to the end of practice and data entry at the point of work minimizes data loss.
8. Integration: Ready to use web services available for integration with your building management software, equipment, and other vendor systems.

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