How to Roll out MaintWiz CMMS in Eight Easy Steps

How Does MaintWiz CMMS Work?

MaintWiz Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) integrates the Man-Machine-Process interactions efficiently and strives to take it to the next level through integration of talent, automation, and analytics.  With its simple, easy to use intuitive user interface, powerful features, one-click maintenance via mobile app, and management dashboards, MaintWiz increases the efficiency of operations and maintenance and facilitates evidence-based management decisions.

Setting up assets in MaintWiz and generating work orders is as comfortable as child’s play. MaintWiz provides Excel templates for easy uploads of everything – facilities, equipment, instrument, spare parts, preventive maintenance schedules, checklists, meter readings, etc. to ensure the data can be built quickly and efficiently and effortlessly.

Easy Onboarding

Ensuring a proper asset register creation can have long-term benefits.  It’s the little details that make the long-lasting impact. Fret not, however, for setting up a CMMS need not be the complex and multi-month project. MaintWiz can roll out your CMMS in Eight Easy Steps.

Step 1:   Sign Up. (No Capital Investments. No Contracts)

MaintWiz simplifies maintenance management, right from the word go.  We don’t require any capital investments at all. You can sign up and start using it from Day 1. No Credit Cards.  No Fees.

Signing up ensures that a dedicated site is created for your organization with necessary security infrastructure in place. You can start adding other users, grant them access (all, single function, or graded) via role-based entitlements, And start using the system.

Step 2:  Build your Asset Register.

Building asset hierarchy and adding equipment details are the foundation for a strong CMMS.  MaintWiz provides you with ready to use Excel templates to copy over the asset data and build the tree view.  MaintWiz supports a flexible hierarchy, and you can add any number of nested levels to mimic your multi-site setup. Configurable features like shift schedules, holiday calendar, drop down values for categorizations, etc. can mirror your organization needs. You can brand your site and reports with your company logo.  Plus, the visual views and powerful searches ensure that your hierarchy is set up the right way, yet easily searchable.

Step 3: Generate Work Orders

Yes. Generation of a breakdown work order to resolve a failure is that easy. You can make a significant impact on the entire work order lifecycle.  MaintWiz gives you access to the whole of equipment information and failure history right at the point of work. This helps get positive engagement from the maintenance team which translates into increased productivity and reduced downtime.

Step 4: Set up Preventive Maintenance Schedules

A well-developed maintenance strategy needs to have preventive maintenance programs. MaintWiz supports Time-based, Condition-based, and Event-based preventive maintenance programs. You can set up the preventive maintenance program by uploading the schedule and checklists via Excel sheets and be done with it. The system will automatically decipher what the last Sunday of every alternate month is and generate the schedule

Step 5:  Assign Service Orders for CLITA activities

Cleaning-Lubrication-Inspection-re-Tightening-Adjustment (CLITA) activities are part of every maintenance set up. You can translate the current schedule via Service Order set up. Service orders are flexible to meet any maintenance work that doesn’t require machine stoppage. Thus, they can take care of all your daily patrolling activities and weekly cleaning schedules.

Step 6: Meter Reading

Metrics are essential in every step, and you may want to compute and report equipment health, performance or production via different metrics. MaintWiz allows you to set up separate meters at either individual asset level or facility level to capture their performance. You can set up regular meters to capture machine run hours or production output, condition meters to capture control range parameters or Hybrid meters to calculate arithmetic expressions like steam consumption per ton.

Step 7:  Mobile

Get the MaintWiz Android app on your mobile or tablet and access the information anywhere, anytime.  MaintWiz automatically generates a Quick Response (QR) code for all your assets which enables one-click maintenance. You can scan the QR code on your smartphone or tablet and create a work order, service order, or meter reading with a single click.

Step 8:  Action oriented Analytics

MaintWiz provides analytics for you at every single step. From simple meter reading to complex MTTR calculations, you will find visuals accompanying every data grid. MaintWiz analytics help you compare a piece of equipment against set benchmarks and standards, against itself over time (trends), and against its class of equipment. MaintWiz provides over 100 ready-to-use reports with stunning interactive visuals. You can institute goal-based maintenance and monitor your equipment via dashboards.

MaintWiz can also generate automated reports such as last week breakdown reports or spares requirement for forthcoming preventive maintenance schedule. This helps your valuable resources get freed from mechanical tasks.

The Bottom line:

The long-term success of the CMMS program is dependent on the quality of the CMMS setup and usage. CMMS that is easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to scale will lead to a  reliable maintenance system. Selection of the right CMMS can establish positive engagement with all stakeholders and institutionalize Goal Based Maintenance.